Case Study

Learn how the development and design studio uses Humantic’s Personality AI to reach out to the right prospects, get more responses, and close deals faster.

How AE Studio increases Human Agency using Personality AI for sales

About The Company

AE Studio is a software development, data science, and design studio. They build tech products with a central focus on increasing human agency, ultimately decreasing friction for end users.

AE Studio is a bootstrapped company with professional expertise in the space of development, data science, and design. It works closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions. It’s based in Los Angeles and has multiple business units.

Its consulting business builds tech products for clients all around the world. It also has a business division that builds products which are later opened up for external acquisition.

Quick Facts

  • Development, Design and Data Science Studio
  • Founded in 2016
  • 150+ Employees
  • HQ in Los Angeles, California

The Objective

The revenue team at AE Studio was on the lookout for a tool that could help them effectively select and choose who they go into business with.

They wanted to be thoughtful in who they reached out to as they also wanted to do rewarding work with select businesses that aligned with their broader vision of increasing human agency.

The Challenge

While consciously limiting their prospect pool size, AE Studio wanted to ensure that its outreach to these prospects was perfect - both in terms of getting desired responses as well as in meeting revenue targets.

The real challenge was to reach out to fewer prospects, and at the same time multiply the success rate. This would only be possible with perfect targeting of prospects coupled with a flexible approach to sales communication that would suit each buyer’s individual preferences.

The Solution

While it started as a personal experiment of a cool new sales tool by one of their team members, Humantic AI soon saw organization-wide roll out as an essential part of AE Studio’s sales tech stack.

The BDR team started using Humantic AI first for prospecting. The leadership team saw immediate impact and tested Humantic while getting into partnership threads. After seeing positive results, they asked the Account Executives team to use Humantic AI as well.

The BD/GTM Strategy team leveraged their prospect’s personality insights provided by Humantic AI, to tailor their communication; While Account executives and leadership team used Humantic AI to move discussions and deals faster.

Impact of Humantic AI

  • The Account Based Marketing unit are seeing conversion rates improve from 15% to over 50%
  • The Business Development unit effectively brought their research time down to 25% of their initial effort prior to using Personality AI.
  • The Account Executives are now able to accelerate blocked deals that have significant impact on their bottom line

The next step in AE Studio’s journey with Personality AI is the slated expansion of these capabilities for the marketing function. It intends to use Humantic AI’s accurate personality insights to run cohort-based ad campaigns as part of its demand generation efforts.

"I was working on a deal that was straddling for a while. There was nothing negative going on but the deal never seemed to be moving forward. It was a very large deal and the decision maker and I were in talks for a while. When I eventually checked his profile on Humantic, it was an eye opening moment because I didn't talk about commercials with him as I thought he was more focused on the big picture. But the first call-out was that he was cost- conscious. On using the language that Humantic suggested, we closed the deal a week later."
- Jevan Fox, CRO, AE Studio

About Humantic AI

Humantic AI provides buyer intelligence to revenue teams. It ensures that sellers always know their buyers before they meet them.

Humantic AI's technology is anchored around its proprietary personality AI engine, which combines ML & NLP with Neuroscience to create detailed personality profiles of the buyers. These profiles provide recommendations to sellers to help them personalize every interaction with their buyers at every step of their buying journey.

Its customers include companies like Appian, Rackspace and McKinsey. They see significant change in response and win rates when they adopt buyer intelligence by Humantic AI.

It delivers a new way for sales and marketing teams to understand their prospects and deliver authentic personalization like it’s never been possible earlier.

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