To Humanize The Internet

We believe that technology, especially AI, is headed in a direction bereft of human connection.

However, people derive most happiness when they can really understand each other. It makes everything better in the office, better at home, and better in the world at large. That’s what keeps us working towards our lofty goal of humanizing every interaction on the internet.

Humanization of selling is Chapter 1 of the Humantic AI book.

Meet the Team

Sanjeev Vanaparthy

Director, Engineering

Sanjeev is a passionate engineer who loves learning about world history. But don't let that fool you - he can take on anyone in any sport, at any time. Well, except when he's watching one of those history documentaries.

Satwik Gupta

Product Manager

Satwik is an avid sports fan, he refers to himself as the Hardik Pandya of the team! You can find him geeking out on f1 and UFC when he is down the internet rabbithole. He takes care of all things Product at Humantic.

Pravesh Jain

Full Stack Engineer

Pravesh is a fulltime software engineer, part time writer, reader, athlete and traveler. He tries to enjoy life, one byte at a time.

Mitesh Banka

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Mitesh is a real life wizard — a magician — straight out of Hogwarts. When we asked him to share a few words about himself, he said "Wingardium Leviosa" and started levitating.

Yashwanth Mydam

Software Development Engineer - 2

Yashwanth loves traveling and bingeing on Netflix shows even before TV critics can get to it. He's currently obsessed with his badminton and plans to learn calisthenics soon.

Tanya Patange

Marketing Intern

Tanya is a part-time comic and a full-time foodie who likes to occasionally take trips on the wild side. If she is not on vacation, she is planning one, and vice versa- it's a vicious cycle. You will always find her making pop culture references and making puns.

Aru Hariharasubramanian

Product Marketing Manager

Aru's Instagram is filled with fitness reels, football memes and food exploration videos - in case you need an icebreaker or three. Runs long distance because someone convinced him it was fun.

Murugappan Meiyappan

Marketing Lead

Murugappan is a creative powerhouse with experience in copywriting, brand marketing, and writing about himself in third person. When he's not working, you'll find him lurking on reddit, TV Tropes and other internet rabbit holes.

Shivang Abhishek

Head of New Business Initiatives

Shivang, a sports fanatic, claims he'd have replaced Hardik Pandya if his cricketing career was prolonged. This social butterfly loves long drives and keeping his glass half full - of whiskey on weekends, and with hope, at all times.

Ashokkumar G

Sales Analyst

Ashok is a movie buff, poet and it is quite obvious that his passions include singing and acting. He has released his own independent music album and he runs a fun youtube channel with his friends.

Shivang Jain

Business Development Manager

Shivang is an average human being trying to achieve extraordinary things in the world of sales. Humanizing the internet and learning along the way, and yes ping him anytime for ping pong.

Luisa De la Parra

Account Executive

Luisa is a sports lover! She has played soccer her entire life and she really enjoys watching any type of sport. She also likes making jokes, cooking, and watching movies, She is an outdoor person, an animal lover, and a vegan!

Harish Bugte

Customer Success Manager

Harish is a people person. He loves meeting new people and learning about their lives and he also likes making people feel comfortable in his presence.

Kalpana Prasanna

Manager, Founder's Office

Polyglot, bibliophile, high on life - that's how Kalpana's friends and family describe her. Colleagues say she adds life to every space she walks into. She agrees with us, with a sheepish, infectious grin.

Amarpreet Kalkat

Founder, CEO

Amarpreet, an AI buff, leads this team of talented people. He's a Kyokushin black belt and a big fan of limit-pushers. He's a sportsman sort, till messed with.

  • First 'right', then 'profit.' Always.
  • Perform random acts of kindness. To customers, colleagues, even competitors.
  • Push the boundaries. Yours, and of those around you.
  • Don't worry about breaking things. Just rebuild them better.
  • Question the status quo. In big ways, and small.

Meet our Investors

John Donovan

Ex-CEO, AT&T Communications

Gokul Rajaram

Board Member, Pinterest

Sharath Keshava Narayana

Co-Founder & COO,

Amit Singh

CBO, Palo Alto Networks

Bradley Horowitz

Vice President, Google

Binny Bansal

Cofounder, Flipkart

Meet Our Advisors

Barry Sowerwine

Former SVP of Enterprise Sales, Tableau
GTM Advisor @ Humantic AI

Dr. Michal Kosinski

Professor, Stanford University
Science Advisor @ Humantic AI

Vikas Murthy

Director of Product Engineering, Cisco
Technology Advisor @ Humantic AI

*Humantic AI was known as Deepsense previously

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It all started more than 20 years ago when Amarpreet, our founder, was in grad school and developed a fascination with AI. It laid the foundation for his belief that nothing will improve our future more than technology that could be ‘intelligent’ and not just do what it’s told to do.

That quest eventually led to him founding Frrole AI in 2014, one of the first companies to bring AI to consumer intelligence. It led to Forrester naming Frrole AI as one of the only 7 products out of hundreds in its “AI In Consumer Intelligence” report in 2020.

In 2021, he founded Humantic AI, with a goal to humanize the internet by building a layer of people intelligence. Buyer intelligence for revenue teams is the first manifestation of that lofty mission.

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