Selling Is Evolving.
Are You?

Selling Is Evolving. Are You?

Humantic AI is a Buyer Intelligence platform for revenue teams.

Top revenue teams use Humantic's Personality AI to identify early adopters, help their BDRs personalize outreach and enable their AEs with vital customer insights for every deal.

70% of all Fortune 500 companies use DISC to improve business communication. Join the club!

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The current selling environment is not pretty, and “hoping for the best” isn’t a great strategy. In recent times, only 1 in 33 sales teams* have crossed 75% quota attainment.

Sales teams that do more with less usually come out unscathed by such economic downturns. A full-funnel solution like Humantic AI might be just what the CRO ordered.

Because people always buy from people that they trust - recession or not!

* Source on Quota Attainment Data: RepVue Report

A prospect's Humantic AI personality profile including overview of their personality, personalization insights during calling, email writing and deal closing.

Use personality insights to research and connect with prospects at a deeper level

  • Turn your prospects' LinkedIn pages into accurate personality profiles. Instantaneously.
  • Personalize sales communications with the Personality AI Assistant which combines the best of Generative AI and Personality AI.
  • Use Humantic AI's personality insights to build rapport, avoid communication landmines, and close more deals.

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There are 100 Sales AI tools that focus on salespeople.

Humantic AI is the only one that focuses on buyers.

Find out what happens when you add buyer intelligence to your sales intelligence stack

Buyer Intelligence

Humantic AI

Revenue Intelligence

Clari, People AI, etc.

Account Intelligence

Zoominfo, etc.

Conversational Intelligence

Gong, Chorus, etc.

Completion of the 360 degree sales intelligence puzzle via addition of buyer intelligence to revenue intelligence, account intelligence, and conversational intelligence.
Build A Human Connection
Establish Long-Term Trust
Engage People Authentically
Close More Win-Win Deals
Explore Buyer Intelligence
  • Early Adopter Identification


    Through analysis of past wins/losses or engagement data, Humantic AI identifies who tends to buy your product often and helps your marketing team finetune ICP & Buyer personas.

    How you can identify 25% of the prospects who become 75% of your customers when you start using personality AI
  • Automated Enrichment


    Integrated via APIs into CRMs like Salesforce and engagement solutions like Outreach to ensure that buyer data can be used for 1-1 interactions or 1-many cadences.

  • Personality AI Assistant


    Chrome extension is available for Linkedin, Email and all leading CRMs. It ensures that personality insights are available to every rep for every interaction.

  • 1-Click Personalization


    With Humantic Al, you can convert any vanilla sales email to a personalized version based on your buyer's unique preferences in one click.

  • DISC Selling


    Craft the most effective communication for each prospect using the legendary DISC framework. And what's best? Humantic doesn't leave everything to you. It gives you tips for both email writing and making calls.

How you can identify 25% of the prospects who become 75% of your customers when you start using personality AI

Ranked #5 amongst the top AI sales assistant tools on G2 above tools like ZoomInfo, Clari, Drift, etc.

"It's hard to think of a situation where I would stop using Humantic AI now."

- Michael Young, Sales Leader
Wellington Drive Technologies

Humantic AI could wipe all the other Personality AI Products off the map! It helps me get meetings on auto pilot.

Jesse Ouellette
Founder, LeadMagic

Rated 4.8/5


Response Rate

Learn how AE studio improves their response rate by 233% despite cutting down their prospect research time.

Use Our ‘Personality AI as a service’ APIs

When understanding user behavior or building personalization without a test is important for your product, you need a reliable partner. Humantic AI's APIs are trusted by large enterprises and path-breaking startups alike.

  • Big 5 (OCEAN) assessment
  • Personality insights for Sales
  • DISC personality profile
  • Personality insights for Hiring

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Learn more about the Personality Insights API

Getting personality assessment and insights via an API for use in a variety of applications
Companies using Humantic AI Companies using Humantic AI

Because Buyer Intelligence Drives Sales Performance


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