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Full set of predictive personality insights

Like IBM Watson, Humantic AI provides Big Five personality assessment for any individual (or for a body of text). Additionally, it also provides DISC profile, Workplace Behavioral Factors assessment as well as context-specific communication advice for sales, marketing and customer service.

Comprehensive support for input data formats

Like IBM Watson, Humantic AI supports text and Twitter usernames as inputs to the API. Additionally, Humantic AI also supports Linkedin profile URL, PDF/DOCX files as well Email IDs as possible inputs, ensuring that you will never be limited in terms of what is possible.

Highest accuracy in the category

While IBM Watson is more well-known amongst the general population, Humantic AI is highly regarded in the psychology community. Read this Harvard Business Review article by Columbia University professor Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic or this research paper by renowned I/O psychologist Dr. Tom Janz, where Humantic AI shows significantly higher correlation with observed behavior compares to published results by IBM Watson or any other solution

Humantic AI VS IBM Watson PI API

General Features

DISC Assessment Yes No
DISC Scores Yes No
Big Five Assessment Yes Yes
Big Five Scores Yes Yes
Big Five Secondary Facets No Yes
Behavioral Assessment Yes No
Needs & Values Assessment No Yes
Consumption Behavior No Yes

Insights from Assessment

Sales Communication Advice Yes No
Hiring Communication Advice Yes No
Interests Yes No
Email Personalization Insights Coming Soon No
Relationship Analysis Coming Soon No
Team Analysis Coming Soon Yes
Advanced Insights Recruiters, Salespeople None
Language Support English, Spanish, Portugese, Other Latin Script Based Languages* English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic

Supported Input Methods

Source : Text Yes Yes
Source : Document Yes Yes
Source : Twitter Yes Yes
Source : Linkedin Yes No
Source : Email ID Yes No

Beyond The Product

Science Advisory Board Yes Yes
Research Validation Yes Yes
Prediction Accuracy Very High High
API Availability Yes Yes

* Complete validation studies have not been done for other languages.

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