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3 reasons why you will love Humantic AI

Highest accuracy in the category

Humantic AI’s core technology was developed by in-house AI and ML specialists, which is an extension of years of research done by academics working in the area of computational psychometrics and neuroscience such as Prof. Michal Kosinski and Dr. D. Cahmen. In the research study by renowned I/O psychologist Dr. Tom Janz, Humantic AI scores show significantly higher correlation with observed behavior, compared to its close competitors.

Superior Generative AI Capabilities

While xiQ and a handful of other sales tools can generate sales emails, they are typically a version of ChatGPT with a new skin. Unlike the vast majority of generative sales AI, Humantic AI takes into consideration each recipient’s preferences while crafting subject lines, the length of a message, and the general tone and style of delivery. At a time when buyers are hit with spam from every direction, this helps sellers truly stand out from the competition.

Real Revenue Impact

Using Humantic AI’s buyer intelligence solution, sales teams have seen an average increase of 109% in their response rates. Additionally, they’ve been able to improve their deal velocity by 36% and create an additional revenue of 8%. In a recent survey, 99% of Humantic users responded that they’ve already recommended the product to someone they know, or will do so in the future. Rave reviews about the product in G2 are a testament to its seamless user experience.

Humantic AI vs. xiQ

Product Features

Personality Insights for Revenue Teams

Fully Capable


Standalone App / Interface

Seamless User Experience

Pleasant user experience
Buyer Committee Analysis


To the point

Generative AI Capabilities



Chrome Extension



Omnichannel Enrichment

Expanding Presence

None present



Limited in Scope

Detailed Comparison

Company Focus Humantic AI is built for Sales and Revenue teams. Its primary focus is on Marketing and ABM teams.
Enterprise Compliance Humantic AI is both SOC2 Type I and Type II Compliant. None, according to the company website.
Technology and Innovation Humantic AI’s core technology is developed by in-house AI and ML experts. Unclear if proprietary software or built on top of IBM Watson API.
Customer Experience Humantic AI is ranked #2 on G2’s 2023 Summer Momentum report, among 200 other Sales AI tools, ranking higher than tools like Clari, Zoominfo, and yes, xiQ. According to the peer-review site G2, xiQ’s Ease of Use is 9.3 while Humantic AI’s is 9.7. Similarly, its ease of setup stands at 9.4 as opposed to Humantic AI’s 10/10
Buyer Friendliness Humantic AI offers a free 7-day trial with access to up to 50 profiles because it recognizes the learning curve associated with adopting new technology. xiQ offers a free trial that grants access to only one profile, after which the features are gated.

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