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The onset of COVID moved almost the entire sales process online overnight. Therefore, Wellington turned to AI to bring the 'human connect' back into its process.

Building A Personalized Sales Motion For The Post-Covid World

About The Company

Wellington Drive Technologies Limited (WDTL) is a publicly listed company that is a world leading supplier of IoT-based asset control solutions. It also provides proximity marketing services and motor technologies that dramatically boost the revenue and profitability for retailers.Headquartered in New Zealand,WDTL is active in over 18 countries.It has produced millions of motors for virtually any refrigeration application and delivered over 1 million connected devices for the commercial refrigeration industry.

WDTL's solutions involve complex technology and have a long salescycle. Selling in-person and building trust worthy relationships is therefore a key aspect of the salesprocess.

The onset of COVID moved almost the entire sales process online overnight. Therefore, it turned to AI to bring the 'human connect' back into its process.

Quick Facts

  • Software development
  • Founded in 1986
  • 110 employees
  • Headquartered in Auckland, AK

The Approach

Humanizing Sales Using Humantic AI

WDTL turned to Humantic AI - a 'prospect intelligence' solution that helps sales teams learn about the personality, behavior and decision-making approach of their prospects, so that they could be more informed as well as more empathetic in their interactions.

The initial rollout of Humantic AI was to a single team in the US region. Within 6 months, WDTL had decided to roll out the solution globally.

A prospect's Humantic AI personality profile including overview of their personality, personalization insights during calling, email writing and deal closing.

Outreach Personalization

Email personalization tips by Humantic AI are used by the WDTL outreach team to craft perfectly personalized emails that catch their prospects' attention.

Easily-actionable DOs and DON'Ts help the WDTL sales team walk into calls with confidence - as if they have known the stakeholders forever.

A prospect's Humantic AI personality profile that gives insights on negotiating and closing.

Pitching & Closing

Negotiating and closing cues from Humantic AI equip the WDTL sales team with information that's critical during closing. How much to push a prospect, whether the focus should be on ROI or cost - WDTL sales leaders now walk into any meeting knowing exactly what will swing the deal in their favor.

A Skeptic Who Became A Champion

Michael Young is the Regional Director for North America and is responsible for the growth and success of WDTL in US and Canadian markets. This includes handling market strategy, marketing and sales, team leadership, and more.

Like many users, he had his doubts while signing up for Humantic AI. However, within a quarter, he was a convert. Within two quarters, he had his whole sales organization using Humantic AI.

Michael Young Image

"It's hard to think of a situation where I would stop using Humantic AI now."

Impact And Future Plans

In early 2022, after having been a Humantic AI customer for a little more than a year, the firm moved to make personality intelligence a core part of its analytics platform. Integrated deeply via APIs and with a much larger footprint, Humantic AI powered personality AI is now available not just to the consultants part of the Sales 2.0 initiative, but to all consultants in the firm's B2B Technology Services practice as well as their clients who have direct access to the firm's analytics platform.

Impact of Humantic AI

  • Since adding Humantic AI to its sales strategy consulting services, the firm has received significant positive feedback from its clients for including personality AI in its service offering.
  • The firm's clients observed higher levels of engagement and acceleration of the sales cycle (similar to other Humantic AI customers like Wellington who saw a 36% improvement in ‘time to first engagement’)
  • They have also seen a visible increase in awareness of their deal pursuit teams towards establishing trust and building the human connection when interacting with external, very senior stakeholders, a factor that plays a pivotal role during dealmaking of large size.

A global rollout is in the works as of June 2022 and is slated for Q4 of 2022.

The Humantic AI Difference

Same Game, A Different Playbook

For a large client, WDTL was hitting a wall in getting the client to initiate a pilot. Multiple conversations and meetings had occurred, but the pilot was not getting green-lighted.On analyzing the key client stakeholders with Humantic AI, it emerged that the stakeholder group was heavily social-proof and consensus focused.

WDTL sales team put together a case study of a similar client, their decision to go with WDTL, and the results that they had seen so far. This hit home with the client's leadership. In the WDTL sales team's words, "the client just ate that up".Humantic AI thus paved the way for a really lucrative deal to move forward for WDTL.

"There is no downside to Humantic AI, it only has tremendous upside potential."
- WDTL Sales Leader

About Humantic AI

Humantic AI is a 'people intelligence' provider that enables its users to reliably understand other people's personality and behavior even before interacting with them. Salespeople use Humantic AI to open doors faster, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

Humantic AI is used by Fortune 500 organizations like McKinsey, Microsoft, Wellington. The Wall St. Journal has termed Humantic AI the technology that will reshape the world.

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