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Learn how Sales 2.0, a sales acceleration initiative by the legendary consulting firm, delights enterprise clients with valuable buyer insights using personality AI.

How A Leading Consulting Firm Leverages Humantic AI To Accelerate Sales For Its Fortune 100 Clients

About The Company

The firm's Sales 2.0 initiative focuses on enabling B2B growth for its clients via the use of next-gen analytics and technology. This unique bouquet of services is sought after by B2B enterprises across the board, and is of particular interest to some of the largest companies in the B2B Technology Services industry.

Quick Facts

  • Management and business consulting
  • Founded in 1926
  • 10,000+ employees

The Objective

The firm's objective is to enable client sales teams to revamp their sales motion — by helping them leverage a data-driven approach based on analytics and intelligence.

The firm's clients typically pursue large opportunities that could range from tens of millions in value to multiple billions. The firm does everything it can to enable them to get these deals to the finish line. It makes use of cuttingedge technology and next-generation analytics in order to ensure that its clients can stand out from their competition during deal pursuit.

The Challenge

The firm’s job is to increase the odds of their clients' success through the use of various levers: meticulous research, existing technology, discovery of gaps in the market, and deployment of tools and processes to fill those gaps.

By the nature of its work, its Technology Sales consulting team has always had a vantage point that allows it to look ahead: a clear picture of the larger sales landscape, a close view of changes at play in the market, and an ability to spot trends earlier than most. Hence, early in 2020, as physical interactions stopped and sales suddenly went virtual, it realized a critical need for far more sophisticated buyer intelligence - much before the rest of the world.

The firm realized that virtual selling was here to stay even in the post- COVID world, and the only way to help its clients replicate the trust, relationships and ‘human connection’ that is so vital to large dealmaking, was going to be through the use of advanced AI. It therefore turned to Humantic AI to bring next-generation buyer insights and personality AI capability to its clients, for whom the world had changed suddenly, and drastically.

The Solution

Personality AI is the only AI that allows salespeople to understand their buyers at a deep, human level before they even meet them. It helps salespeople understand what motivates their buyers, what drives their decision-making and exactly what landmines must be avoided at all costs when dealing with multiple stakeholders who are part of a larger group.

In late 2020, 3 of the firm's consultants, as part of the Sales 2.0 initiative, started using the Humantic Personality AI assistant. They would look up their client’s potential buyers (or other relevant stakeholders) on LinkedIn, and then leverage the predictions by Humantic AI while crafting their recommended strategy. They would include personality profiles created by Humantic’s AI into client deliverables and present the full solution to their client to equip them to succeed during their deal pursuit.

While Humantic AI started as a bolt-on to the firm’s core offering, it's now evolving into something a lot more central. Consultants from the firm realized that they were not just able to provide standalone insights about stakeholders, they were also able to use the insights to create playbooks for several steps of the sales process: discovery, demo, objection handling, even negotiation and closing.

A prospect's Humantic AI personality profile including overview of three key attributes that describe them.

The firm analyzed the personalities and buying traits of all relevant stakeholders while researching their clients' potential buyers.

A prospect's Humantic AI personality profile that describe how to connect with them.

The team at Sales 2.0 leveraged Humantic AI's suggestions to craft their recommended strategy.

A prospect's Humantic AI personality profile that describes negotiating and deal planning tips with them.

Soon, they were not just able to provide standalone insights about stakeholders; they were also able to use these insights to create playbooks for several steps of the sales process.

Impact And Future Plans

In early 2022, after having been a Humantic AI customer for a little more than a year, the firm moved to make personality intelligence a core part of its analytics platform. Integrated deeply via APIs and with a much larger footprint, Humantic AI powered personality AI is now available not just to the consultants part of the Sales 2.0 initiative, but to all consultants in the firm's B2B Technology Services practice as well as their clients who have direct access to the firm's analytics platform.

Impact of Humantic AI

  • Since adding Humantic AI to its sales strategy consulting services, the firm has received significant positive feedback from its clients for including personality AI in its service offering.
  • The firm's clients observed higher levels of engagement and acceleration of the sales cycle (similar to other Humantic AI customers who saw a 36% improvement in ‘time to first engagement’)
  • They have also seen a visible increase in awareness of their deal pursuit teams towards establishing trust and building the human connection when interacting with external, very senior stakeholders, a factor that plays a pivotal role during dealmaking of large size.

A global rollout is in the works as of June 2022 and is slated for Q4 of 2022.

"We have tools and processes in place to discover a buyer's strategic priorities, and ways to identify the right stakeholders in order to pursue a deal. Essentially, the 'what' and 'who' are already answered.What Humantic AI does exceptionally well, is in answering the 'how' - which, for a long time, was a missing piece."
- Jr. Manager,
Go-to-Market Advisory

About Humantic AI

Humantic AI provides buyer intelligence to revenue teams, helping sellers engage more customers, build more trustworthy relationships, and close more deals. Its technology is anchored around its proprietary personality AI engine, which helps sellers be more effective with their prospects at every step of their buying journey. Humantic AI delivers a new way for sales and marketing teams to understand their prospects and deliver authentic personalization like it’s never been possible earlier.

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